Hey my dad is getting a budgie for hid birthday next week I thought it would be cool for my budgie to have a friend could you please do a video on how to introduce new budgies?and how to tame 2 of them? (: I'm trying to find a hand tamed one but if I can't it would help out a lot!!(:


yes :) I’ll add this to my list of things to do! 

Could you please do videos on : bathing a budgie, tamming and all the general stuff like that?


sure I will as soon as I can :)

Apparently budgies are really scared of gloves ?


yes, gloves can be a scary thing for a budgie to see coming towards them- generally all budgies are afraid of a hand that looks like its going to grab them, the glove probably only makes it look more scary I imagine

Hey I'm not sure what to do but I'm trying to tame my budgie and he will go on my finger if I have a millet but whenever I don't have it he dosnt want anything to do with me any tips ? Or anything ?


this is very similar to any other animal like a dog that’s learning a command but only will do the trick when given a treat!

My advice is kind of hard to explain, but basically you want to get your bird to step on your finger and give the treat.. then repeat a few times- give the treat, then get them to step on your finger but don’t give the treat. 

slowly you give the treat less and less until they don’t expect it anymore.

you can also try to make the budgie sit on your finger for a certain amount of time before you bring the treat out. That way they aren’t just jumping on your finger for the treat, grabbing some and running off with the food.

you need to hold the millet at a distance that he can see it, but can’t get it without standing on your finger and still don’t give the treat until you’re ready to reward him/her.

hope this helps

So today I tried bathing my budgie he isn't really tammed as much but I got him to step up my finger and sprayed water on him with a spray bottle with warm water he started shaking so I stopped I'm scared I'll scare him to much that he won't like me, any suggestions.. I don't know whether to bath him or not );


my advice is to offer a shallow dish of water for your budgie to bath in! 

Spraying birds with water is great if they WANT to be sprayed, but for a budgie who doesn’t know what you’re doing usually they don’t enjoy it!

I’ve sprayed my budgies before too and all the did was look at me with very annoyed expressions and run off :P 

where as whenever my cockatiel bandit sees the spray bottle she starts spreading her wings out ready for a bath :) 

I’ve found my budgies LOVE to bath themselves in shallow water, I just put a smallish plastic container in the cage and fill it with shallow water, or even a ceramic cheap cats bowl is about the same size as what I would use! 

here is an example of ones I have actually used before to give you an idea

most birds will at some stage bath, they may even be bathing in their water dish when you’re not around (I’ve also caught my birds doing this) so don’t worry they will bath themselves when they want to :)

I love them all so much ❤️❤️❤️

Hello!(: I love your budgies I just recently found your blog and learning heaps and I'm bonding very well with my new budgie!(: can I please add you on snapchat?

Thank you :) yes you can! My username is budgieandtiel

Hey do you follow back on instagram?(:

Yes I do :) I sometimes don’t log on very much though so please leave me a comment on a photo so I can follow you :)


This is Skeeter. He’s been in Petco a long time and he really needs a home. He is a shy bird, but with some time and understanding, he could be your new best friend. His conditions in the store are not ideal, and had I the space and money, I would bring him home. I cannot, so instead I have written a letter to the site and I’m making this post hoping someone else can. 

The Petco is #1801 and the address is 1440 Central Avenue, Colonie, NY. Even if you can’t give him a home, you can write to Petco and ask them to look into better care for their birds at this store here.

Skeeter has been at the store so long that there is a 20% discount on him. I would love to see this sweet bird go to a loving home. Please signal boost this and if you do give him a home, please let me know. Thank you.

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Just spending some time with Kirby, she’s been fairly silly lately and has been plucking her wing feathers out- as you can see in this picture! Means she’s flying very badly :/ I’m going to pick up some new toys and rearrange the cage to hopefully distract her!