They are at the pet store I work at because I have two jobs & have been super busy..and felt they weren’t getting enough attention while I was at my other job..
Also I had to rearrange furniture in my room while they were gone, I’ll have to probably out them in a smaller cage if I take them back now but they will get flight time

I really really miss my budgies.. Think I will be bringing them home soon


Some of you might have noticed that I’m not on here as much any more..

things have changed a bit & I am now working two jobs & am quite busy! I’ve had little time for my budgies and have felt quite bad that they don’t get much attention from me..

Lately I’ve had to really think about what I want to do in future with my animals since I’ve realised while I’m working full time I can’t look after my animals and give them attention as much as I used to.

I considered re-homing my budgies, but I really didn’t think I could part with them.. but at the same time I’ve been stressed as I can’t move them out of my bedroom (parents wont let me) & the amount of feather dust is bad for me.

So I’ve ¬†finally come to the decision that the budgies are moving to the pet store I work at! This may not be permanent and they are NOT for sale.

This way I still get to see them, they are being looked after & get more interaction with me & the other staff! our pet store mostly sells birds, small animals & fish! so they won’t be stressed out by dogs and cats, and I also have the option of taking them back after a little while If I feel I miss them too much.

So I thought I would let you guys know what’s going on! I’m still here but just busy! and if you ever need a question answered quickly PLEASE email me :) because I check it every day! its:¬†

I can't use my phone or take pictures of my budgie without him jumping at it and biting it. Is there some way to make him stop this? It could be nice having a photo of my bird , not only his tail hahaha


wait till he is asleep :P no really.. some budgies just love to attack shiny things! I find it easier to let my budgies out of the cage to play.. then I get my actual camera and zoom in so my camera isn’t in their face & they don’t realise I’m taking photos!

My budgie died recently due to a tragic accident and I've been looking around for rescue budgies and can't find any, do you know any places in Melbourne, Australia or surrounds where you can rescue budgies?


could you please email me? or come off anon so I can talk to you privately? thanks :) my email is:

Hello I have budgies.. I would like ask if scratching their own skin is normal? I'm just concern if they feel itchy because little insects might have accumulated on their skin.. Please reply thanks

Scratching & preening is normal for birds, they are cleaning their feathers and it’s usually nothing to worry about.

What’s not normal is if a bird is continuously doing this, begins plucking feathers or causing damage to it’s own skin.. If this was happening I would suggest might treating. Otherwise your bird is just displaying normal behaviour :)

It's been almost two and a half weeks since I got my budgies but they're still so hand shy. Do you have any good tips for gaining their confidence?


Sometimes it can take a LOT longer than two and a half weeks and it completely depends on the individual bird!
This question is asked a lot and the best thing I can advice you is to just take it slowly, be patient and keep trying!

Also the best way I’ve found to get birds confident with your hands is always by hand feeding treats.. With a timid bird start with holding millet right at the tip so there is a big space between you and the bird and slowly bring your hand closer each session.

hello! I have a male budgie, he is 4/5 months now. He likes staying inside his cage, but if he is outside he is sitting on my head/shoulder/hand. He is pretty calm, and he´s not afraid of me in any way. I have this amazing opportunity to get 2 more budgies, a female and a male. The female is 5 1/2 and the male is 3 years old, they are tame and enjoy human contact. I am going to see them at friday, and I was wondering if taking them would be a good idea? Can something bad happen?


I think it would be Great to get the two new budgies, especially with them already being tame.

The best advice I can give you is to quarantine the new birds- this means keeping them in a separate room (and cage) from your current budgie for at least a month.. During this time you can start to see if their are any health problems as birds hide illness and it can take some time to notice.. You can also use this time to bond with the new birds before you introduce them to your current budgie.

Quarantine is for the safety of your current bird so he doesn’t catch any disease/mites/lice that the new birds could possibly be carrying.

Not all people quarantine but it’s a good idea :)

What's your opinion on vitamin water for budgies? Also how often should they get to eat fruits or vegetables? I'm concerned my pet may not be getting enough nutrients lately since her droppings are stickier than usual on an all seed diet.


Vitamin water isn’t a bad thing but I wouldn’t give it everyday.. Making effort to get your birds to eat fruits and vegetable is probably a better option because they will get more natural nutrients.
Vegetables can be given daily and fruits once or twice a week.

Hope this helps

Hi. I have a budgie, had him/her for 2 months now. But he is still afraid of me. I've tried getting my hand in the cage, bringing him on my bed. He used to eat from my hand, but not anymore. I had to grab him once (chased him around the cage/he ate from my hand several times after with the other budgie) cuz of his swollen eye. Another thing to mention that another budgie that was around passed 2 weeks ago. Is it cuz of I grabbed him? Or the other budgie passing away? Or what could possibly be?


I would say he just needs more time! Taming budgies & getting them to be confident around you doesn’t always happen quickly… It’s a long process.
Also your budgie could be upset about losing his mate, and they are easily upset by changes..

Keep trying! Spend time every day with you budgie & the important thing is to not rush it, take it slow and let your budgie come to you otherwise your bird might feel forced & not enjoy coming to you