My budgie throws up yellow seeds whenever I put him on my hand! What does that mean??


It’s likely he/she is trying to feed you as he thinks your his/her mate. Budgies regurgitate to feed each other so it’s quite normal behaviour

Bandits not fond of the cat (mink) staring at her! She hissed a few times lol

Bandits not fond of the cat (mink) staring at her! She hissed a few times lol

The budgies are out playing.. Except for daisy who seems to want to stay inside the cage today

Bandit enjoying the window perch on a lovely sunny day!

Bird owner problems

When you want to take a nap but your budgies are being too noisy for that to be possible..

At least it means they’re happy right!

Please help! I noticed that my budgie isn't eating or drinking much today and that his poop was White. He looks really tired and doesn't really fly or walk. His wings are always apart from his body too. What happened?


Okay I’m sorry I’ve only just seen this. How is he doing now? Wing apart from the body often mean your budgie is over heated or could be dehydrated. Make sure you give plenty of water & that the cage is not in direct sunlight or a hot spot. If you live somewhere warm provide shallow water dish for a bath to help him cool down. If he doesn’t get any better I would take him to the vet as soon as possible

It’s been a while since I’ve given the budgies this! Hopefully they will eat it :)