Alright, gonna come off anon. (I was sending those asks yesterday btw). I got a budgie yesterday and decided I wanted to make a blog for him, and I was wondering if you would mind checking it out? the url is buckythebudgie. Sorry if this bothers you, just wanted to make some bird loving friends on tumblr :)

Yay! I followed you :) Bucky is cute!!

The birds I just finished painting at my ceramics class :) I’m pretty happy with them!

The birds I just finished painting at my ceramics class :) I’m pretty happy with them!

Thanks for answering :) I also live in Aus so its awesome to kinda-meet another Aussie bird lover :) Also it's cool to here your pet shop helps adopt out animals in need rather than sell puppies and kittens :) The Pets Domain store (its a franchise) where I live are the same, not puppies and kittens but they have a board with posters for animals in the pound :) Plus lots of birds in the store that you can hold, like young Eclectus' ♥ Thanks for answering :)


That’s okay! Haha pets domain is actually the franchise I work for! :p just ours is privately owned :)

I really hope you don't find this weird but I was wondering what country you live in, and what pet shop you work at? Not like, specifically what shop but like is it a little local one or a franchise of a big store name? :)


That’s fine to ask! I live in Australia! The pet store I work at is technically a franchise so there are a few of them but the one I work for has been bought so it’s managed a little different.
I feel very lucky to work for this one as I know a lot of pet stores are bad (and don’t look after the animals) we really try to do the best for the animals we have & we don’t support selling puppies or kittens and try our best to encourage people to rescue and adopt animals :)

its my first day off work in over 2 weeks & I don’t know what to do with myself!!!
I’ve already:

-washed my hair/did makeup

- cleaned my boyfriends kitchen & bedroom (I was at his house this morning)

-Walked a labraodor puppy I am looking after while his owners are on holidays.

- washed all my bed sheets/pillow cases

-played with birds, took pictures of birds..

- let my cockatiel walk around on my head and rearrange my hair..

I’m tempted to go shopping but I don’t really need anythingggg….

Mr Fluffy cheeks

took some budgie pictures today while the budgies were having out of cage time :)