Some cute pictures of Amelia with my budgies Kirby & Charlie & Bandit my cockatiel

Hey guys!

Sorry AGAIN for the complete lack of updates! Life has been crazy!

At the end of this week my nannying job will be over (the family I nanny for are moving away). I will be back working in the pet store as much as possible, but will hopefully have a bit more free time!

This means LOTS more posts :)

I’m also thinking about doing more YouTube videos! I’m thinking of making videos like “how to clip your budgies wings” “how to set up a cage” just basic stuff you might want to know :)

If you guys would be interested please let me know and I will start filming!!!


Should be cleaning but my cockatiel is too distracting haha

I was cleaning the tray in their cage, and I dumped the last bit of millet out. They loved it.

aw so cute! Thanks for your submission!

After a couple years without any budgies, I'm considering getting one or two more. I was wondering, should I get a pair or just one? I work for about 8 hours a day so I'm just worried if I only get one it'll get bored and end up with problems. Thanks


I would get two :) just so they have company while you are at work! And it’s fun to watch budgies play together :)

A good choice would be two boys- they get along better together.
Otherwise get a girl and a boy.. But it’s best to avoid two girls together as they can sometimes fight :)

Hi ive been given a 7 week old budgie. Im currently feed egg and biscuits powder formula. The lady I got her from has given me the food. Im just wondering if there is anything else I need to be giving her ie. Water or is she getting enough from the water in the formula. ? Im feeding every three hours is that enough ? And im just letting her sleep inbetween? Am i doing this all right .. just some pointers and info would also be handy as I want her to be tame. Thankyou jaime lee


Hi, egg and biscuit is fine for her to eat.. But it’s also a good idea to start introducing a mix of budgie seed, some millet and always provide fresh water.

At 7 weeks, a budgie should start eating seed & learning to fly.

Not really a budgie question but more of a bird question. In a few months we'll be moving 1000 miles across the country, and we'll be driving. The issue is that we'll have our green cheeked conure with us... I was wondering if you have any advice for that? She's been in the car before but never for so long. Any advice?


Bring something to cover the cage so she’s not too frightened, also minimise the amount of perches and toys in the cage & move the perch down low so that if they get frightened or fall they won’t hurt themselves.
Make sure they don’t get too hot & when you stop for breaks reward with food and keep a close eye out that they aren’t becoming stressed by the travel.
Signs your conures are too hot or stressed are:
Holding wings away from the body & opening the beak- means they are over heating
Being fluffed up or shaking for long periods.

Generally they may seem a little scared, but should calm down once they get used to the environment in the car and it will help knowing they’ve been in the car before!

Goodluck :)

I have two budgies, one I've had for about two years and one I've had for a few months. they are both extremely afraid of me and I can't even put my hand in the cage without them freaking out. is there still time for me to train them or is it a lost hope?

It’s not a lost hope but it depends how much time and effort you are willing to spend with them.
I highly recommend letting them out to fly in a safe room & slowly getting them used to you while out of the cage. Budgies will go back in the cage themselves when they are hungry or thirsty but it’s best that you have a few hours free incase they refuse to go back in quickly.

You could also consider clipping their wings if you’re afraid you won’t be able to get them back in.
Some people have negative views on clippings wings but I believe it can be very helpful especially when trying to tame a bird & when it comes to trying to get them used to being out of the cage- you will have to grab them once each to be able to clip their wings but that’s something most birds get over quickly! It’s just important you don’t grab them constantly.

Clipping their wings can allow you to start training outside of the cage & get them used to the area they will latter be able to fly in when their wings grow back out. It will make it a lot easier for you to control them & also safer because birds can fly into things and hurt themselves when they are nervous or scared & it will take time for them to get used to being out with you & playing outside of the cage but it’s well worth the effort!

I Also will mention clipping a birds wings done properly will not make your bird unable to fly but more make it so they can’t fly very high, or at very fast speed so they will not harm themselves.

If you need a tutorial on how to clip a birds wings feel free to let me know & I will film one! It’s very easy but must be done properly or you can injure your budgies wings.

Hi, I just wondered what sex budgy is easiest to train? Shelli


Neither is really easier, some people say males are calmer but I found both were similar to train!